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The Types of Malocclusions in the Mouth

February 12th, 2018

It is a common problem where people’s jaws or teeth do not fit together as they should. When this problem arises, orthodontic treatment might be required to help correct the issue. However, if the problem is left untreated, these issues, which are commonly called malocclusions, might cause difficulties with speech, an increase for injury to the teeth or jaws, and even premature wear of the teeth and the protective enamel on the teeth. Your Frisco and Allen Texas Orthodontists look into several common malocclusions that they see on a regular basis.


A crossbite is a malocclusion when the upper teeth sit just inside the lower teeth. This causes stratification of the lower teeth, and it can also misalign the jaws. When trying to close the mouth, a patient with this malocclusion must move their lower jaw to the side or forward just slightly to close properly. This often brings about a facial asymmetry or improper use of the patient’s lower jaws.


It can be difficult to chew with this malocclusion since openbite results in the failure to overlap the teeth on the upper and lower jaws. An openbite causes several unwanted habits as well as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. Early intervention and evaluation are ideal for correcting this issue.


When the front teeth on the upper jaw extend too far forward over the lower teeth, it might cause the lower teeth in the front to bite into the roof of your mouth. This malocclusion is called an overbite. People with an overbite might be said to have a gummy smile with excessive wear of the incisors and protruding lips.


One of the most common malocclusions in a patient is the underbite. This bite is characterized by the position of the lower jaw, which extends too far out. In turn, it causes the lower teeth in the front to sit just in front of the front teeth on the upper jaw.


When the teeth in the mouth have little to no room to extend from the gums, it is known as crowding. Crowding is one of the main reasons for braces, and it has even been linked to various periodontal issues as well as dental decay because of difficulty in cleaning the teeth due to overlapping surfaces.


Spacing is a common issue where the teeth are not touching. Often this is caused by a missing tooth or cosmetic issues. It is also the opposite of crowing, where there is excessive room in the jaws for the size of the teeth. Spacing can be fixed with braces as well, depending on the size of the spaces between the teeth.

Protrusion of the Upper Front Teeth

This bite issue is characterized by the extension of the upper teeth too far forward or by the failure to extend far enough forward by the lower teeth. The function and appearance of the teeth are impacted by this dental issue.

Unmatched Dental Midlines

A negative impact on jaw function is dental midlines that are not matched. This is evident when the back bite of both the upper and lower jaw doesn’t match or fit together in the right way. This can cause several negative issues for the patient like negative jaw function of the function of dental habits overall.


While there are several different types of malocclusions or jaw bites out there, at Rendon Orthodontics, we can thoroughly evaluate your teeth and provide the proper care to help improve the look of your smile and the function of your jaws and teeth. Not only will you feel more confident, but you can better take care of your smile with the right care.

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Make 2018 the Year You Achieve Your Dream Smile

January 2nd, 2018

Frisco Orthodontists Specializing in Invisalign

Everyone wants the best smile possible. For those with misaligned, crooked, overcrowded or gapped teeth, make a New Year's resolution to finally get that wonderful smile you've always wanted with Invisalign.

Though experts like to remind us that most New Year's resolutions -– such as eating healthier or exercising more -– usually don't amount to lasting lifestyle changes, achieving better teeth and a truly shining and beautiful smile is one New Year's resolution at least that is straightforward and easy to keep. All you need is the desire for a better, more confident and joyful you. Simply contact Rendon Orthodontics for an Invisalign consultation.

Truth be told, you may have considered Invisalign before, but could never quite take that necessary leap of faith to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Perhaps you're concerned about the price or are embarrassed to think of friends and colleagues viewing the aligners. These concerns unfortunately leave many people on the fence indefinitely, when taking action now could truly and greatly benefit you with straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Realize your long-held dream of a perfect smile through Invisalign. Decisively come off that fence and make 2018 the positive turning point in your life it could truly be. Here are a few of the ways realizing such an attainable dream could improve your life.

  • Feel freer to express yourself with your mega-watt smile and more -- and more joyous -- laughter.
  • The boost to your personal confidence and self-esteem will be infectious. You'll finally feel good about being in photos and you'll want to smile and laugh more often. People are naturally drawn to confident and joyful people, so expect as well to attract people with positive energy and good vibes into your orbit. You can expect to have an improved social life as well.
  • Better oral health, including fresher breath.
  • Misaligned teeth make it harder to thoroughly clean your gums and teeth with flossing and brushing. This can lead to a variety of oral ailments, not least of which is more potential for bad breath. As is well established, poor oral health can negatively affect your whole-body health. And it's easy to remove Invisalign for brushing and flossing during the alignment process. The benefits of Invisalign include better health for your gums, teeth and whole body, as well as fresher breath.
  • Fewer bite issues, which if left uncorrected can lead to jaw-pain.

The benefits to your life provided by Invisalign extend to more than just beautiful teeth. When you consult the Frisco Orthodontists at Rendon Orthodontics, your doctor will also evaluate your bite and the alignment of your jaw. Invisalign can help correct any imperfections here and further improve your quality of life.

Why select Invisalign? For the quality of life improvements provided by this comfortable, easy and best-in-class teeth alignment solution.

Invisalign should definitely be on your New Year's resolution list, for all of the above reasons and more. This treatment option is comfortable and nearly invisible. You won't at all be embarrassed in front of friends and co-workers as you would be with uncomfortable and ugly metal braces. Further rounding out the many benefits, your orthodontist will plan out with you the entire treatment process so you will know what to expect as you gradually move onto each set of aligners. And they are easily and discreetly removable for eating and drinking.

Attain your dream smile in 2018.

Your smile is one of your best assets and it is a huge part of first impressions. Attain more confidence and more joie de vivre by scheduling an Invisalign consultation with Rendon Orthodontics in Frisco and Allen, TX today.

Keep That Beautiful Smile for a Lifetime

December 6th, 2017

You finally did it. After all the months or years of discomfort, restrictions, and waiting, you have finally reached the end of your orthodontic treatment. As your long-awaited reward, you have received a stunning smile, and, likely, a huge confidence boost.

While it would be easy at this point to totally end your orthodontic treatment and not do anything else, doing so will only cause you to lose the beautiful results you worked so hard for. So, when your braces finally come off, instead of seeing it as the final ending, see it as the end of one phase and the start of another. This next phase lasts the rest of your life, at least as long as you want to maintain your perfect smile.

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. Don't let months and years of using your retainer lead to you not using it, though. As an Allen Texas orthodontist, we provide you with a retainer for a reason: we know it's the best way to maintain the beautiful, healthy smile that your braces first enabled. We want you to have the same great results ten years from now that you did the day you got your braces off.

We know it can be hard to get in a routine of regularly wearing your retainer, when it's a part of your care that you are solely responsible for. We can encourage you, but, because of the removable nature of your retainer, the ball is entirely in your court. To make it easier, here a few quick tips to guide your retainer-wearing regimen.

1. If you've got it, use it
We can't emphasize this enough. That's why, though we've said it already, we're saying it again. A retainer does you no good whatsoever unless you wear it. Though they may seem solid, your bones and gums are constantly changing. That's why braces work in the first place. If you continually train them through the use of a retainer, you can ensure the long-lasting results you want. If you stop using it, however, they will shift and change, undoing all that you worked so hard to achieve.

2. Since you're already wearing it, you might as well wear it for a while
A few minutes a day does not constitute an effective retainer-wearing regimen. We recommend 8 to 12 hours a day. You may notice this conveniently coincides with the amount of sleep you (should) be getting, so if you just pop them in at night and take them out when you wake up, you should be good to go. No one ever has to know that you're one of the do-gooders who keep wearing their retainer for a lifetime, or that your beautiful smile is a result of your visits with an Allen Texas Orthodontist.

3. Dogs like retainers, too
If we've heard one story about someone's dog eating their retainer, we've heard a thousand. Only, unlike the "dog ate my homework" excuse, this tale is actually true. We're not quite sure why dogs find retainers so appealing, but let us assure you that an encounter with your canine companion will not turn out well for your retainer. Keep your retainer in its case, so that dogs, small children, and falls off your bedside table won't be an issue.

4. Come back and see us
We really do like you, despite how much discomfort you may have experienced while you were under our care. Regular follow-up appointments ensure that we can catch any shifting teeth early to make adjustments to your retainer, as needed. If your teeth are in great shape, you may even get good news that you don't have to wear your retainer... as long. We'll still be recommending hours a day, maybe just not as many.

5. Keep your retainer clean
Constant exposure to your saliva may be great for your teeth and tongue, but for your retainer, it can make it pretty nasty if you don't regularly clean it. Brush it using regular toothpaste, and if it starts to take on a yellow tint, you can use denture tablets, as well. Allowing residue to build up over time will result in a nasty odor that is not attractive, at all. Your retainer takes care of you, so you need to take care of it, too.

As you get in the habit of regularly wearing and maintaining your retainer, it will become second-nature, and it won't be an inconvenience at all. Especially when you get to enjoy those great results day after day, year after year, you will be constantly motivated to do what's best for you and your beautiful smile.

Rendon Orthodontics offices in Frisco and Allen are committed to healthy, straight smiles. If you're looking to straighten your teeth with traditional braces or Invisalign, contact us for a FREE Consultation!

Tips for Taking Care of Your Braces This Holiday Season

November 7th, 2017

Tips for Taking Care of Your Orthodontics Braces This Holiday Season in Frisco

The holidays are coming up, and there will be lost of great food to enjoy. However, if you currently have braces, then you will still need to take good care of them in order to avoid prolonging your orthodontic treatment.

Before the holidays start, the first thing you should do is set up an appointment with to have your braces checked. If you cannot do this, then be sure you have enough elastic bands and wax to last until your next visit.

What You Should Avoid

While you have braces, one of the most important foods to avoid is popcorn. Popcorn kernels are notorious for getting stuck in wires and brackets, and it can be extremely difficult to get them out. In addition to getting stuck in your braces, popcorn kernels can also cause pain, or even bleeding, in your gums.

Sweets like cookies and candy are a big part of the holidays. However, if you develop a layer of excess sugar on your teeth, then it can potentially cause decay. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after you eat your holiday sweets.

Taking Care of Your Braces

Flossing: Be sure to floss your teeth multiple times a day. It is important to floss between each tooth, even if it may not be easy to reach. If you have difficulty flossing between the brackets, then floss threaders can make it much easier.

Water Pik: If flossing causes pain or bleeding in your gums, then you may want to try a Water Pik. A Water Pik is an oral irrigation device that uses water to achieve a similar effect to flossing.

Brushing: You should brush your teeth and braces before going to bed, as well as after every meal. Look for an interdental toothbrush, which is a toothbrush made specifically for braces. It can help you to reach between brackets and under wires.

Elastics: If you have been given elastics, then you should almost always be wearing them. The exceptions are when you are either brushing your teeth or eating. It is important not to forget to wear your elastics because not doing so can cause your teeth to shift. This will make your treatment take longer.

Travel Kit: If you and your family are going to be traveling during the holiday season, then be sure to bring a braces kit with you. You should keep floss, wax, mouthwash, elastics and a small toothbrush in this kit.

If you follow these simple guidelines, then you will be able to enjoy this holiday season to the fullest while keeping your teeth healthy and your orthodontic treatment on schedule. If you have any questions about taking care of your braces during the holidays, then feel free to contact your Frisco and Allen Orthodontists today.