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Braces for Kids and Teens
Frisco, TX

Young boy in dental chair for first orthodontic visit to Rendon Orthodontics in Frisco, TXThe sooner you treat an orthodontic problem, the better for your child and his or her future dental care. If alignment issues are not addressed early, your child or teen may have to face problems with crowding, gaps, cavities, or with talking or eating. Do you want to know what types of braces we offer for kids or teens and their benefits? If so, schedule an appointment with us here at Rendon Orthodontics. We are always ready to help you with your child’s or teen’s dental or orthodontic care.

What Types of Braces Are Offered for Kids and Teens?

You can choose from metal traditional braces for younger kids or opt for ceramic (tooth-colored) braces if your child or teen is self-conscious about how they might look in braces. You may also want to consider Invisalign® for your teen if they only have minor issues with respect to crowding, or with their bite. In most cases, parents with younger children choose traditional metal braces, as they are lower in cost and take care of most problems with malocclusions or straightening.

How Are Traditional Braces Designed?

Traditional braces today are designed with small metal brackets that affix to the teeth being moved. The brackets are connected by an archwire that pulls or pushes on the teeth to gradually shift them into place.

To connect the archwire to the brackets, we use tiny elastics called o-rings or ligatures. The braces are tightened periodically to keep the teeth moving into the correct alignment. Elastics are kid and teen-friendly, as they may be colored to represent the school colors or the colors of a patient’s favorite sports team. Some patients choose ligatures that match with what they normally wear or choose holiday colors, such as red and green, around Christmas.

What Types of Orthodontic Issues Do Braces for Kids and Teens Solve?

When we provide orthodontic treatment early, we can take care of many oral health issues that can cause even more dental problems later. Braces for kids and teens can be used to solve problems with overcrowding or crooked teeth as well as noticeable gaps. We can also solve a number of bite issues that are easier to address at a younger age.

What Are Some of the Bite Issues That Braces Can Correct?

When a bite is a little out of sync, it is called a malocclusion. A malocclusion can take the form of an overbite (where the upper teeth extend over the lower teeth); an open bite (where some of the teeth don’t touch); an underbite (where teeth on the lower jaw protrude); or a crossbite (where the upper and lower jaw don’t align properly. By fixing a poor bite, your child will have healthier teeth and will feel more confident. This type of confidence translates to academic and social success.

As you can see, getting braces at a young age bodes well for kids and teens, as a healthy smile has a chain-like effect. Not only does it raise a young person’s self-esteem, it gives him or her the opportunity to shine in other areas of their life. Give Rendon Orthodontics a call at 469-956-5022 to arrange a consultation and a time for an orthodontic consultation. Whether you need to straighten your child’s or teen’s teeth or need to improve your own smile, we can help you achieve your orthodontic and dental goals.
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