Rewards Program


As a patient of Rendon Orthodontics, you can always participate in our MONTHLY CONTESTS and are automatically enrolled in a patient incentive program to earn rewards. Successful orthodontic treatment depends on patient cooperation and we will reward you for doing your part! At each scheduled visit, patients will have the opportunity to earn Rendon Rockin’ tokens that can be exchanged for great prizes.

How to earn Rendon Rockin’ Tokens

  • Excellent oral hygiene (no plaque and no swollen gums) = 1 token
  • Nothing loose or broken (brackets, bands, wires and/or appliances) = 1 token
  • Great cooperation with elastics and/or extraoral appliances = 1 token
  • Wear your Rendon t-shirt to school and then to your appointment = 1 token
  • Get caught in your Rendon t-shirt by a staff member outside of the office = 5 tokens
  • Like the Rendon Orthodontics Facebook page = 1 token
  • Submit an online review = 5 tokens
  • Celebrate your birthday = 2 tokens
  • Refer a friend that starts treatment = 25 tokens
  • Nothing broken during all your orthodontic treament = 5 tokens.

Because keeping your teeth clean and healthy is such an important part of orthodontic care, we recommend you visit your dentist every 6 months for a check- up and cleaning.

Please print this DENTAL VISIT VOUCHER
and take it to your next dentist appointment. Have your dentist or hygienist complete the information and we will reward you with tokens.

  • Exam and cleaning (voucher signed) = 5 tokens
  • No cavities (voucher signed) = 2 bonus tokens


  • Program only applies to active patients.
  • Your account must be current in order to redeem tokens for a prize.
  • Tokens are only rewarded at regular, scheduled appointments (not emergency appointments).
  • Lost tokens will not be replaced.
  • Gift cards and/or tokens are not redeemable for cash.
  • You must bring the “Dental Visit Voucher” printed and signed by your dentist or hygienist to your next scheduled orthodontic appointment in order to receive tokens.
  • Point values and prizes are subject to change at any time.


For as little as 15 tokens you can earn great prizes! You can save your tokens or redeem them at any time. All you need to do is bring the tokens you would like to redeem to the front desk and ask one of our staff members to help you.

15 Tokens

$5.00 Gift Card to:


25 Tokens

$10 Gift Card to:


35 Tokens

$15 Gift Card to:

50 Tokens

$25 Gift Card to:

100 Tokens

$50 Visa Gift Card to use ANYWHERE!


200 Tokens

iPod Nano or Sony PSP

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