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"Everyone at Rendon Orthodontics has been kind and patient with my son through his process. They have explained everything thoroughly with no mysteries or surprises that I've sometimes experienced at other places I’ve been. His treatment plan was precise and to the point. My son looks forward to his visits and his new smile. We have already seen great progress."


"The staff at Rendon Orthodontics has always treated my kids with the utmost care and respect.  My kids actually look forward to their appointments and seeing everyone.  Having braces is a lengthy process, but going through treatment at Rendon has made giving my children a beautiful smile totally worth it.  Thanks you to the whole staff at Rendon Orthodontics! :) "


"After consulting with several orthodontists in the area, I selected Dr. Maria Castano-Rendon to be my orthodontist because I was impressed with her practical approach to treatment, her genuinely kind and helpful staff, and because of the glowing reviews from a trusted friend who had taken all her kids there.

Dr. Castano-Rendon did everything possible to minimize the amount of time I had to wear braces, and less than ten months after getting them on, the braces came OFF, revealing a beautiful new smile. I am so happy not only with the results but also the entire treatment process. She and her staff treated me more like a friend than simply a patient. Never once did anyone get annoyed by my questions, and I had A LOT of them!

To further underscore how wonderful Rendon Orthodontics is, I have a couple of teeth that just insist on trying to go back to where they had been for the prior 20+ years. I was pretty distraught by the relapse, but Dr. Castano-Rendon expertly modified my retainers to immediately correct both problems. Several months after my braces had been removed, she also expertly performed a slight occlusal adjustment to perfect my bite.

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to SMILE and not feel one bit self-conscious about it. I am blessed to have been able to go through this process under the care of Dr. Maria Castano-Rendon, and without hesitation, I recommend her to all of my friends.


"My name is Gigi Nguyen, and I am 13 years old. I started my treatment 2 years ago. I mean you
hear all these rumors about getting braces and you begin to bury yourself with worry. Does it
hurt? How does it work? What happens if…? Why does it…?

Coming from a patient of Rendon
Orthodontics I can assure you there is no reason to stress. These orthodontists here welcomed
me with warm and smiley faces. I couldn’t believe how kind they all were to me. Every single
time I walked in for an appointment I could feel all the joy and happiness they carry as if it was
my first time coming there. They basically held my hand every step of the way and helped me
through every minute of it. Everyone who operated on me has always found a way to make me
smile and laugh.

As for my braces, I could say they worked perfectly. Throughout the whole treatment there was
never a time I was in live pain. I just got some soreness adapting to the adjustments they make,
but in a couple of days it would go away. For me, it took a lot of persistence to remember to put
rubber bands in or floss every night, but in the end it was worth it. I always followed what I was
told, and I actually got to get my braces off early!

I was very happy about the results and very
satisfied with the people that worked on me.
I thank Doctor Maria Rendon and her staff for creating such a beautiful smile on me every time I
laugh or grin. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else for my amazing results.

I 10/10 recommend
Rendon Orthodontics. Rendon Orthodontics is a great place it’s as if you brought heaven on to
earth. From the service to the heavenly smiles they create I can honestly say I absolutely loved
getting treated here


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